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Lot Clearing | Grading| Bobcats

Professional Lot Clearing, Grading And Bobcat Services You Can Rely On!

Sometimes there are labor-intensive tasks that simply require the use of both technology and brute manpower. One World Roofing proudly offers turnkey lot clearing and grading services for our residential customers. Whether you need a lot scraped and cleared to pave the way for new construction or final grading for new landscaping, we can provide you with a reliable service at an affordable price.

Lot Clearing

Clearing a lot or parcel of land is a labor-intensive task that typically requires the use of heavy equipment. Many times, there are unwanted trees and shrubs that will need to be removed in order to provide enough space for a new building pad, home, parking spaces or driveway. This type of land clearing requires specialty equipment like commercial grade cutting saws and the proper safety equipment for protection. Performing this type of work without the correct safety equipment and specific tools can present a hazard to work personnel and others around them. This is why it is best to use an experienced contractor that has the proper tools to get the job done safely and efficiently.


Site Preparation, Large Tree And Debris Removal

Unfortunately, there may be times where large mature trees are simply in the way and will need to be removed. Depending on the site location and surroundings, this may be a challenging task to perform safely and without causing damage to surrounding buildings or other property. In addition, depending on where you live, certain counties and cities may require a permit to remove specific trees so be sure to check with your local permitting office before removing ANY large trees! Once a large tree is taken down there will be a substantial amount of debris that will need to be contained and hauled away. This is why we provide a turnkey service for our customers. We make sure when we finish our work, you can begin your work without the need to hire an additional service to come out and remove our debris!

Dependable Equipment & Experienced Operators You Can Count On For Large And Small Jobs!

We take pride in our fleet of well maintained, dependable equipment for large jobs and smaller equipment for projects that are tight or present accessibility issues. Our bobcat operators have years of experience and extensive training on all types of equipment so you can be assured your job will be done in a safe and professional manner from start to finish.