When choosing a roofing company, Orlando FL residents regularly select One World Roofing for their installation, maintenance and repair needs. Our work portfolio includes hundreds of successfully completed jobs performed by a team of trained and experienced specialists.

We take pride in providing professional services reliably delivered with top-shelf customer care. While there are many Orlando roofing companies to choose from, One World Roofing consistently delivers the best results, garnering praise from both customers and industry watchdogs.

Commercial Roofing Services in Orlando

At One World Roofing, we understand Orlando’s weather particularities that demand a certain roofing performance. The summer’s baking heat combined with high humidity and pummeling rains demand strength and resilience from roofing materials, as well as energy efficiency.

We offer a full range of roofing materials and work with our clients to determine which materials best suit their commercial needs.

Clay tiles and asphalt shingles are classic roofing choices for Orlando commercial buildings. We also offer TPO (Thermoplastic Polyolefin) roofing, built-up (BUR) roofs with tar and gravel, modified bitumen roofs, and EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Terpolymer) synthetic rubber roofing.

Residential Roofing Services in Orlando

Of Central Florida’s pool of roofing contractors Orlando has the biggest selection of providers. At One World Roofing, we know this, and we work hard to be the best of them all.

We understand that most homeowners find roofing issues intimidating. From figuring out what a roof needs to getting on a ladder and working on a rooftop, the average resident feels like they’re operating outside of their comfort zone. Even the most ardent do-it-yourself homeowner knows that installing a roof or repairing a roof is best done by professionals.

One World Roofing takes on all sizes of residential jobs from small to large. We deliver the same quality of service whether the job is a repair on a downtown bungalow or a new roof installation on a 10,000-square-foot estate. When it comes to residential roofing Orlando homeowners will find us professional, reliable, courteous, and fair.

Roof Repair Orlando

In a state where hurricanes are expected and everyone has seen what storms can do (who can forget the havoc Charlie wreaked in 2004 on his charge through Orlando?), we stand ready to do all kinds of repairs.

We also know that it doesn’t take a hurricane to cause a roofing issue. A tree falling or a leak developing that rots out decking—these and other factors cause damage that requires repairs. Our roofing crews are experienced professionals who know how to get the job done right with a minimum of disruption to home and business owners.

Roof Cleaning in Orlando

While cleaning a roof isn’t high on everyone’s list of priorities, at One World Roofing we know the difference a clean roof makes to its health and longevity. We also know the best and safest ways to clean a roof whether the material is tile, asphalt, or something else. Our crews get roofs cleaned thoroughly and safely, and the difference in appearance can be remarkable.


One World Roofing is proud to serve the Orlando area. Call us today for a quote on your residential or commercial job. We can’t wait to talk to you!