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One of the best roofing material options? Get your property bitumen roofing!

Bitumen roofing, often known as flat or modified bitumen roofing, is one of the most durable roofing solutions for roofs. Modified bitumen is an asphalt compound that can be applied to the roof in a variety of methods, both hot and cold. Modified bitumen roofs have numerous advantages over other types of membrane roofing, and they are frequently seen as the modern alternative to built-up roofs.

One World Roofing provides roofing materials of all kinds and has a lot of experience in installing and maintaining bitumen roofing for residential and commercial properties across the city of Orlando. In addition to installation and repairing roofs, we also provide roof inspections and repairs for all types of roofs including flat or modified bitumen roofing. Contact us today if you any query about flat or modified bitumen roofing and get your roofing project started right away!

Advantages of Flat or Modified Roofing

  • Exceptional waterproofing: Bitumen roofs have excellent waterproofing properties, creating a smooth barrier against water infiltration. This function is especially useful for commercial facilities containing important equipment or goods. By choosing a bitumen roof, you can be confident that your Orlando property will stay dry and protected, reducing the danger of water damage.
  • Fire Immunity for Improved Safety: Fire safety is crucial for any commercial property. Bitumen roofs provide an extra layer of protection due to their fire resistance. In the event of a fire, bitumen roofs can greatly reduce the danger of fire-related damage, providing peace of mind and protecting your investment. This advantage is especially important in commercial buildings where the safety of occupants and assets is critical.
  • Installation and Repairs Made Simple: Time is of the importance in commercial roofing jobs. Flat or modified bitumen roofs have a very simple installation method, saving time and money. Furthermore, if repairs are required, bitumen roofs can be quickly patched or resealed, reducing delays to commercial operations. Their ease of installation and repair make them a popular choice for commercial roofing in Orlando.
  • Cost Savings: With growing energy prices, energy efficiency has become a major concern for commercial property owners. Bitumen roofs have high thermal performance and can efficiently regulate the internal temperature of your structure. Their high thermal mass enables them to absorb heat during the day and slowly release it at night, decreasing the need for heating and cooling systems. Investing in a bitumen roof can reduce energy usage, resulting in significant long-term cost savings.


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